This facility will be available to patients in hospitals after surgery

After surgery, the patient no longer needs to stick to the bed in the hospital. One such technology has come from which the patient will also walk in the ward, then the report of his recovery will be received by his doctor and nurse for the wireless message. This technology of ‘patient safety system’ i;e patient protection system has just started in the country, only in Medanta the Medicity Multipurpose Hospital located in Gururgram. In the field of Medanta the Medicity and Gurmukhi, America’s leading company in the field of medical technology, Masimo signed an agreement on Tuesday to use Patient Monitoring and Recovery Technology in the hospital.

On this occasion, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta The Medicity said that the Radius-7 is a great technology and will help in preserving the patients. He said that this is not an expensive technology which will burden the patients on expenses. Dr Trehan said that in just 700-800 rupees the patient could use it during the recruitment of the hospital for a week.

Massimo President (Worldwide) John Coleman said that the first technology in South Asia is being used in Medanta. He said that it would be easier for the doctors to monitor patients. Dr. Jatin Mehta, Chairman of the Mentor Streat of the Critical Care and Anesthesiology, said in an interview with IANS that after surgery, the patient is kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where the doctor and the nurse take special care of him. But sending them to the ward from the ICU is essential for the recovery of the patient. Bedshore-like shreds increase due to excessive bed work. In this case, radius-7 will prove to be effective for patients.

He said that this will not only help in the recovery of patients, but also in the critical condition their monitoring will be available. Care of patients suffering from heart disease, heart rate , Hemoglobin in the blood, oxygen saturation etc. is very important. Now patients do not need to stay in bed. The doctor and the nurse will get this information from the machine in their body.

Dr. Mehta said that however, the radius-7 will be used for heart patients. Giving information about the procedure, the South Asia chief of Massimo, Bharat Motereo, said that the patients who are getting radius-7 are found to indicate serious condition through their heart rate, blood circulation, oxygen saturation, Goes through. The nurse is reported on the pager. If a nurse does not get information in 30 seconds, then this information is given on the pager of the second nurse. Works in radius-7 wards at 25-30 meters radius. He told that it is already in use in America and Europe and it has proved useful to patients there.

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