Add these to the diet These things will grow faster, eyesight

There can be many reasons for the lightening of the eyes. You can treat the illumination of your eyes with Ayurveda which is very beneficial.

There can be many reasons for the lightening of the eyes. When the light of the eyes is affected, then it is called Vision Defect. The biggest reason for the decrease in the illumination of the eyes can be increasing age, apart from continuing working on a computer or due to any ailment related to the eyes, there can also be defects in sight. However, there may be other reasons for visual impairment, such as nervousness, diabetes, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption also affect the eyesight. You can consult a doctor to treat the eyes of the eyes, but you can also treat it with Ayurveda.

Do this with Ayurveda improve the brightness of the eyes:-Diet

Food is important for your physical health, but by adding some good methods to diet, you can improve your eyesight significantly. If you eat grapes and apples regularly in your diet then it will be very beneficial for your eyes. Consumption of spinach helps in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the body. It is necessary for the eyes. Besides, carrot and cucumber should also be consumed. Vitamin A is very beneficial for the eyes, for that you eat turnips, tomatoes, oranges and dates. For the good light of the eyes, it is important to reduce mental stress, for this, you can take regular almonds.

Ayurvedic methods to improve vision:-

  1. Use a mixture of honey and a spoonful cardamom.
  2. Ayurvedic herbs such as Garlic and Amla are beneficial for the light of the eyes.
  3. Rubbing a little ghee on the soles of the feet is beneficial for improving vision.
  4. Pranayam also improves the illumination of the eyes.
  5. Triphala fruit is a powerful medicine for the eyes. This prevents cataract from growing.

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