74,000 women die every year from cervical cancer..

Kanchan Nayakwadi, Director of Preventive Healthcare Expert and Indus Health Plus Private Limited, has suggested some measures to make women aware of this danger in view of the death of 74,000 women every year from cervical cancer. One third of the deaths caused by cervical cancer worldwide are in India. Due to delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer in women, it is becoming a major cause of their death.

The most effective way to stay safe from this disease is to check it on time. However, lack of information about this creates obstruction. Counting on cervical cancer, Kanchan Nayakwadi said, “The cancer that affects the lining of the cervix is ​​called cervical cancer.

In comparison to urban people, this disease is more in the villagers. The most prominent cause of cervical cancer is human papilloma virus or HPV. HPV spreads through sexual contact with the conductors of HPV virus. ”

Referring to the symptoms, Kanchan said, “Unusual bleeding from the vagina, bleeding during sexual intercourse or inserting the tampon, pain feeling during sexual intercourse, irregular discharge from the vagina through the vagina, bleeding from the vagina between the menstrual cycle, waist Feeling pain in the feet or pelvis, fatigue, lack of weight, lack of appetite are the main symptoms. ”

To stay cancer-free, Healthcare Expert said, “Get regular checkups with gynecologist, do Pap smear test every three years, talk to your physician regarding vaccines against HPV virus, stop smoking Eat healthy food and exercise to increase your immune system. ”

He said that if cancer is identified in time, it can be both preventable and treated. Get information about this and also inform the women around you about this deadly disease.

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